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Why Portable Cocktail Mixers? Because Everything is More Fun with a Cocktail!

It all started on a flight to Italy. Comfortably in my seat awaiting departure, the flight attendant offered champagne. What I really wanted was a cocktail. Facing a 12-hour flight, a movie and a couple of delicious cocktails were the perfect nightcap. Sadly, a glass of Woodford with airplane ice wasn't going to cut it. (No offense Woodford, you are a delightful bourbon.) “If only I had a portable mixer to add to this airplane mini bottle.”

After that, I started making and taking my homemade airplane mixers on every flight. More than once I noticed seat companions wishfully coveting my in-flight libations. Whether imbibing a Gimlet, Margarita, or Boulevardier, my flight was always much more enjoyable. “Why can’t I do this on the golf course or camping,” I wondered? Voila! Jasper was born!

Jasper Norton Craft Cocktail Mixers conveniently provide a portable craft quality libation when your favorite mixologist or home bar isn’t available. They are lightweight, portable, and discreet. They are crafted for your “on-the-go” lifestyle. Which is why our tagline is: "Five O'clock Anywhere!" 

We just make ‘em. Where you take ‘em is your business.


Monica Bustamante,

Who We Are

Monica Bustamante, Founder & President

Monica Bustamante Founder

After wrapping up a 25-year career in business development and marketing, Monica enthusiastically jumped into the Wine and Spirit Education Trust program intending to open a wine bar. After epically failing her "spirits" module during WSET Diploma, and not wanting a repeat, she plunged headfirst into the vast world of spirits, vermouth, and liqueurs. Serendipitously, the craft cocktail culture was hitting its stride and a love affair was born. It was on a flight to Italy, for tasting and vineyard hopping, that the concept of Jasper was born. Wine has since taken a back seat to all-things-distilled, but Monica continues her educational pursuit of wine and spirits while stalking the world's best mixologists. She's an avid hiker and golfer, and maintains an extensive spreadsheet of travel itineraries for trails, food, cocktails, and coffee.

Her favorite libation is a Boulevardier with high rye and two Luxardo's.


Travis Monroe, VP of Marketing

Travis Monroe, VP of Marketing

Travis brings a well-rounded marketing role to the Jasper Norton team with over twenty-five years of experience in advertising, technology, and branded merchandise. Travis is passionate about road trips, motorcycles, art, and photography. Whenever he has the opportunity, he's out adventuring with his dog Schooner at the family cabin, paddling on a lake, and driving his van around the country taking photographs.

Travis' favorite cocktail beverages are the Snake Oil (Wahaka Espadin Mezcal, Zirbenz Pine, Green Chartreuse, High West Syrup, Cinnamon, Lemon, Lime, Rosemary, Tobacco Bitters.) from Lake Effect in Salt Lake City, UT and the Sunsets and Death (Mezcal, Lime, Blood Orange, Genepy, Tajin) paired with the grilled cheese and tomato soup from Pony Up in Denver, CO.

Gina Gregory, Director of Operations

Gina Gregory, Director of Operations

Gina Gregory has extensive experience in the food and beverage industry. She began her hospitality career in wine retail sales then moving on to managing a wine bar where she earned her certified sommelier proficiency. She further extended her passion for wine by launching Premier Vineyard Tours in 2009, a tour company focused on Italian wine regions. In addition to her wine skills Gina has worked as an event planner, managing the F&B programs for dozens of corporate events around the world. During her global search for good food and libations, she came to appreciate the art of a fine crafted cocktail. When Gina isn’t concocting mixers with her fellow Jasper team, she loves to travel and photograph her experiences all while sipping on a classic Negroni.

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